Are you ready to rewrite the rules of performance management? 

For years, organizations have been striving to hold managers and employees accountable for effective, quality performance conversations. Few have made progress. If anything, things have gotten worse. So, let’s just face facts: those of us in industry do not know how to do performance management. But luckily, there are people who do. 

We interviewed 67 elite performers from beyond the corporate world, in fields ranging from musical theatre to cuisine, to find out how they cultivate high-performing individuals and teams.

What we discovered has turned our thinking on the subject upside down and inspired us to create a new blueprint for performance management. 

Beyond the corporate world

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What elite performers do differently

We spoke to top performers from around the world – all of them in fields where feedback has been developed into an art form. Their insights show us what a truly effective approach to performance management could look like.

Performance management doesn't drive performance - feedback does

Our research shows that feedback is the true driver of better performance. And to cultivate a culture of feedback you need to focus on three things.

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    It’s critical to create a climate where it’s safe to give feedback.

    Create a performance driving environment

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    Leaders need to develop an understanding of human behavior.

    Turn your leaders into feedback experts

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    It takes two: expert feedback givers and expert feedback receivers.

    Grow performance feedback hungry individuals

Figuring out where to go now

Korn Ferry has developed a new blueprint for performance management based on our findings. Find out how you can transform your approach.