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When the only certainty in the future of work is uncertainty, businesses can get ahead by embracing ambiguity. Shifting from trying to forecast the future and focusing on what’s fixable now can help to attract and keep the top talent that is key to your long-term success.

Instead of predicting trends that might impact the future of work, we have focused on the now and asked employees what they want and are concerned about – and how employers can help. Our survey of more than 4,000 professionals highlighted an array of new challenges that leaders are facing, from short-term careers to a shortage of millennial leaders.

In this eBook, we look at how tech talent is impacted, and what tech leaders can do to take action right away.


The eBook explores how you can:

  • Be more agile in your talent management strategies
  • Fix fractured cultures impacted by hybrid work
  • Tailor training and development to build the confidence of upcoming leaders

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