2022 Essentials: Hiring & Keeping Workers

The Great Resignation was so 2021. What talent professionals need to do to hire and keep the best people now. Our best stories of the year.

Is the Great Resignation over? Sort of.

There are still about 4 million people quitting their jobs each month, near record highs seen in 2021. But organizations are clawing back some of the leverage they ceded to individual employees over the last two years. The significant wage bumps that were so prominent in 2021 and even early 2022 seem to be over. At the same time, a slowing economy and a fading of COVID-19 into the background has given some employers more confidence to pull back on their remote work opportunities.

Still, there’s a talent shortage in key areas, and if one industry is experiencing problem there are many other industries eager to hire employees away. As part of this year’s Essentials, Korn Ferry’s experts highlight how hiring and retention are adapting as the Great Resignation morphs into an environment that looks much more like 2019 than 2022.

Below is the best of Korn Ferry’s articles on the topic.

The Great Resignation’s Big Regret

Why do one quarter of people who quit their jobs now say they rue the decision?  And how should leaders respond?

The Litmus Test for Hiring

Research shows what emotional intelligence looks like in highly effective leaders.

Catching Boomerangs

Forgive and forget? Leaders are turning to a once shunned group—former employees—to fill spots. Is it a good or bad move?

Are Half Your Employees Unmotivated?

A new survey suggests that the number of "disengaged" workers is already high—and growing.

Wanted (Maybe): Laid-Off Techies

Non-tech companies want to hire recently laid-off tech workers, but culture and pay issues could stand in the way. 

Where Did All the Remote Work Offers Go?

Only one in seven job postings now offers remote work. Is a new era in post-pandemic work emerging?