2022 Essentials: Leadership

A slew of new challenges are taxing leaders in far different ways than the pandemic did. Our best stories of the year.

War. The highest inflation in decades. A steep decline in stock prices. This year certainly threw new obstacles in front of leaders across industries.

Executives are also finding that their stakeholders aren’t as patient as they were during the worst of the pandemic. Investors want clear strategies for a looming recession. Employees want clear return-to-work policies. Customers want an end to rising prices. It’s no wonder executives are saying they’re not happy.

Below is the best of Korn Ferry’s articles on the topic.

Pandemic Darlings No More

A renewed focus on leadership skill sets is emerging.

As Pay is Revealed, Will Conflicts Rise?

With new pay-disclosure laws going into effect, firms may face some uncomfortable conversations.

Executive Morale Drops Big-time—But Why?

A new survey reveals that nearly 20% more executives are dissatisfied with their job than a year ago. Why the sudden change, and how to reverse it?

Coming Soon: Restructurings

A looming recession has set off a mini-wave of reshufflings that can create disruptions good and bad.

The Secret to Employee Loyalty

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman says there’s one thing that will win over workers, and it’s not money. 

I’m Sorry for Saying I’m Sorry

Experts worry that apologies from firms and managers are becoming too common to be effective. How leaders can make more meaningful amends.