Essentials: Moving Ahead (Somehow) in a Tough Job Market

There are no longer 12 million open roles. We chronicled how job hunters are still progressing.

The greatest job market in history is over. There are no longer 12 million open roles nationwide, and many employees can no longer just name their salary and job title the way they could for most of the last two years. That means that anyone wanting to advance their career needs to do so in more conventional ways, achieving solid performance, networking, and being agile.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry distills some of the best career insights our experts shared in 2023.

5 Ways to Ask for a Raise in a Performance Review

Given the labor shortage, many experts say it’s an ideal time to raise the issue. Just don’t mention inflation. 

The Top 4 Career Stallers and Stoppers

New Korn Ferry research finds that a handful of bad behaviors hamper career progress. 

5 Ways to Be a Better Leader in 2024

Experts suggest brushing up on conflict management and a host of other hard and soft skills.

5 Ways to Know Your Best ‘Career Lattice’

These days, a promotion alone may not be the best way to find a high-paying and rewarding job. How a career lattice works.

5 Ways to Get Your Résumé Past AI

Job candidates now have to get past more sophisticated AI screening tools. What are they looking for?


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