Essentials: I’m Back at the Office. Or Am I?

The corporate world puts its foot down about return-to-office. But remote workers are still fighting.

In January 2023, the average office-occupancy rate in major US cities crossed 50% for the first time since the pandemic began. It hasn’t moved much since. Whether employees should work out of the office full-time remains a massive question at organizations big and small. Leaders now have evidence that some tasks are done far more productively when everyone is working in the same place. That said, firms could face an employee revolt if bosses mandate that everyone return to the office full-time.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry explains that while in-office work may be marginally more productive, bosses these days have to “earn their employees’ commutes,” as one expert puts it.

Briefings: Back to Work… For What?

The fierce debate over where employees should work has dragged on for three years. What do the latest figures on the pros and cons show?

Return to the Office Because...

Are leaders asking people to come back for the wrong reasons? New research highlights when in-person is best.

Why the World Is Back at the Office But the US Is Not

New figures ignite the debate on whether workers are more productive at the office or at home.

A Case of ‘the Mondays’

More organizations are trying to reclaim Monday as a mandatory in-office workday. Experts call it a calculated risk. 

Productivity Shoots Up—Are RTO Mandates Why?

New data shows productivity is surging in the US. What’s behind employees getting far more efficient.

Solving the Hybrid-Work Paradox

Employees want more in-person time and flexible work arrangements. Best-selling author Dan Goleman explains what common thread can help connect these seemingly at-odds goals.

Fully Remote? It Could Be 10% to 20% Less Productive

A new study indicates there’s a decent-size gap in productivity between a fully remote and a fully on-site workforce. But the where-to-work debate will likely rage on.


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