The Essentials: Best of the Great Resignation

A stumbling economy is shifting the focus, but the Great Resignation still dominated the attention of executives in the first half of 2022. 

War. The highest inflation in decades. A potential recession. The first half of 2022 certainly has thrown new obstacles in front of leaders across industries.

But the issue that continues to dominate executive attention this year is the same one that also cornered their concerns last year: How do I find and keep workers? Of the more than one hundred articles Korn Ferry produced between January and June, the five that were most widely read revolved around the ongoing impact of the Great Resignation.

For the latest edition of Essentials, Korn Ferry’s experts picked out the two timely questions related to the Great Resignation: Is it over, and has it thrown everyone’s pay scales out of balance? We also highlight several other topics professionals have been mulling over this year, from ongoing return-to-office efforts to the real cost of an emotionally healthy workforce.

The Great Resignation Stalled

Experts say the troubled economy is shifting the dynamic between employees and firms faster than anticipated. How much may change?

Has the Great Resignation Created the Great Pay Gap? 

Experts warn that every massive pay bump offered to attract or retain talent may create future pay-equity problems. What are some solutions?

Is Half Empty the New Normal for Office Occupancy?
Fewer than half of offices have been occupied for a long stretch now, making some leaders worry that return-to-office plans have lost steam.

Banishing the 5-Day Workweek

A bill in California would set the workweek at four days, or 32 hours, renewing a long-standing debate.

5 Ways to Ask for a Raise in a Performance Review

Given the labor shortage, many experts say it’s an ideal time to raise the issue. Just don’t mention inflation.

What Employee Well-Being 'Costs'

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman says employers might be drawing some wrong conclusions from the Great Resignation.