The Essentials: 7 COVID Career Steps

Korn Ferry’s experts weigh in on advancing your career even when the job market looks awful.

It sure doesn’t seem like a great time to switch careers—not with millions still unemployed and firms still imposing salary cuts. But experts say even in a pandemic, there is one rule of thumb that applies: keep control.

Keep control over your career, that is, despite the environment. Indeed, over the last few months, you likely have been adding experiences and skills that can lead you to something better professionally. “Risk-taking, curiosity, agility—those are the currency of the realm going forward,” says Dennis Baltzley, Korn Ferry’s global solution leader for leadership development.

To be sure, getting noticed by employers looks a lot different in the COVID-19 era than it did before. Our experts from across Korn Ferry have provided insights on connecting with HR professionals and positioning yourself for new opportunities during this pandemic. The goal is to be sure coronavirus doesn’t overturn your career.

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