The Korn Ferry Market Cap 100: Adding Cybersecurity to the Board’s Risk Portfolio

Cybercrime is a costly threat to companies everywhere yet most boards lack cybersecurity expertise. We recommend several ways boards can move from awareness to action.

No company today is immune to cybercrime, yet too many remain unprepared for what has become the inevitable breach. The goal is not to prevent it – that is impossible – but rather to be prepared, stemming the worst damage by implementing a systematic approach to cybersecurity focused on rapid detection and recovery.

Boards are increasingly taking responsibility for cybersecurity because they recognize it for what it is:  the latest form of risk, which, while in a new guise, must be managed with the same diligence and processes applied to other risks.  Since most boards lack specific cybersecurity expertise we recommend several avenues to getting that crucial input and, importantly, translating it from tech-talk to the language of business most directors understand.

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