Vice Chairman, Co-Leader, Board Services

Dennis Carey, PhD is Vice Chairman of Korn Ferry, where he recruits Board Directors, CEOs, and their direct reports.  He has placed and assessed some of the most successful CEOs and directors for over 75 leading Companies in the Fortune 500. 

Mr. Carey  founded several forums for Chairmen, CEOs and C-Suite executives including The Prium, ( the CEO Academy® ( and Academies for CFOs and CHROs of Americas best managed enterprises.

Dennis has published seven books, his three most recent being, Talent Strategy Risk, Boards that Lead, and Talent Wins all published by Harvard Business Review Press. In addition to his books, he has also published over 50 refereed journal articles.

Mr. Carey also teaches Corporate Governance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dennis has held post doctoral Fellowships at Princeton and the JFK School at Harvard.

Dennis has served on two public company boards and three private boards in the U.S. and Canada in technology, healthcare and materials science.

Dennis served on the Board of the Swimming Hall of Fame for ten years- he was rated in the top 30 long distance swimmers in the world in 1980 by the World Swimming Federation after his successful swim of the English Channel from France to England.

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