Why Job Searches Get Shortchanged

In his new book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains why people give surprisingly low priority to critical career moves.

Buying a big screen TV, a major household appliance, or a new car? People will spend hours online researching and reading reviews. But when it comes to their next job—not so much.

According to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison's new book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, finding and then getting a great job requires a process. It starts with figuring out what excites you and moves to figuring out your strengths and motivations. But that’s only the beginning. Based on research and experience at a firm that has placed millions over several decades, Burnison explains why “targeting” is the secret weapon that leads to career success. Here is the fourth in a series of interviews on his thoughts.

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