This Week in Leadership

Insights on Apple's talent edge and a retired general leading troops at the White House, plus what to do if your boss loses confidence in you.

The secret behind Apple's continued success. A retired general's new White House mission. Plus, the downside to being a great achiever. See Korn Ferry’s take on recent news and its ties to leadership in our weekly summary of our stories and research.

Apple's Hit-Making Formula

The company, fresh off a strong quarter, is one of several great innovators that follow four key talent steps.

A General Takes Charge

As the new White House chief of staff, Ret. Gen. John Kelly may find that cleaning house is just the first leadership challenge.

Balance Your Need to Achieve

Great achievers are great—to a point. Emotional Intelligence expert Daniel Goleman breaks down a skill set that can morph into an unexpected problem.

Whose Job Comes First?

As more women become breadwinners, couples must decide who manages the household. Korn Ferry's Evelyn Orr asks: Is money all that matters?

When the Boss Loses Confidence in You

Recent high-profile firings remind us how quickly years of gaining your boss’s confidence can slip.