Head of CEO and Executive Assessment, NA

Evelyn Orr leads CEO and Executive Assessment for North America. She guides organizations through critical leadership development processes, from board and CEO selection, to evaluation, transition and succession; and draws on proprietary data and insights - including the world’s largest normative CEO database - to build a picture of the leader you need now and in the future.

Evelyn has led research and IP development for KF assessment programs to ensure quality, validity, and readiness for a company’s most important decision: choosing next generation leaders. She works with clients in all industries to ensure the board is future-focused, to build a pipeline of future CEOs, and to select and transition new CEOs.

Previously, Ms. Orr led research and development as well as operations for the Korn Ferry Institute, an innovation center for Korn Ferry focused on illuminating key trends and drivers of human and organizational performance.

Ms. Orr has authored numerous articles and books published by Korn Ferry including Becoming an Agile Leader, Women CEOs Speak, Enterprise Leadership, and CEOs for the future - when the future is now. She presents at client events and conferences on research topics including organizational transformation, women in leadership, self-disruptive leadership, and disruptive talent management practices.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Ms. Orr served as an HR leader at a large retailer with multiple brands. In addition to leadership development, she designed and delivered talent management solutions such as employee engagement, performance management and succession planning for a major division within the company.

Ms. Orr earned a master’s degree in education from Stanford University, where she was a Stanford Graduate Fellow, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology (cum laude) from Macalester College.

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