This Week in Leadership

The latest insights from Korn Ferry experts, plus a collection of our most thought-provoking articles of 2017.

For the holiday edition of This Week in Leadership, Korn Ferry offers up the latest insights and "The Essentials 2017," a curated series highlighting the year's most thought-provoking articles on leadership, emotional intelligence, talent management, and more. Happy Holidays.

The Net Neutrality Dilemma  

The internet service rule has been repealed.  Now comes soon a question for a wide range of firms: to charge or not to charge.

2017: A Year of Disruptions    

We countdown the year's biggest disruptive shifts for business. Can you guess our number one? 

Snarling Shipments, Cooler Heads

With holiday volume way up this year, firms look for better supply chain leaders, not just more workers.

Bad Interviewers: The Whole Range 

The "Clueless."  The "Bumbler.” CEO Gary Burnison lays out the strategies savvy job candidates can use with each category of bad interviewer. 

Mentoring, with a Stick or Carrot 

Emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman compares leaders who try to inspire or demand obedience. 


"The Essentials 2017" series

Emotional Intelligence

Korn Ferry’s most read articles about the ability to bring the best out of yourself and others.

Advice for CEOs

The top issues for leaders at the top—or who want to get there.

Advice for Board Directors

Korn Ferry’s top articles about governance, succession, and diversity.

Talent Management

The top insights for people hiring (or wanting to get hired).


The year in tech, including the good, the bad, and the crazy.