This Week in Leadership: The Essentials of 2019

Korn Ferry's top insights on the shifting workplace, pay, women in leadership, and more.

For the holiday edition of This Week in Leadership, Korn Ferry offers up insights on the shifting workplace and “The Essentials,” a curated series highlighting the year’s most thought-provoking articles on pay, women in leadership, purpose, and more. Happy Holidays!

The Shifting Workplace

Four-day workweeks. The introduction of 5G. The growing role of AI. Offices in 2019 were laboratories for some innovative changes. But what were the results?


Who got more in 2019, and why. Plus, how to get a meaningful pay bump in 2020.

Women in Leadership

Even as firms increasingly recognize the value of adding women to leadership teams, the number of female leaders remains small. What firms and people are doing to make a difference.

Purpose on the Job

The purpose movement made it into the upper echelons of corporate America in 2019. But will it stick? Plus, what does purpose in the workplace really mean for leaders and board directors?


When it comes to work these days, people are increasingly becoming “nomads.” How individuals can find the right roles at the right time, and how leaders can create career paths to convince people to stick around.