This Week in Leadership (Feb 21- Feb 27)

How the conflict in Eastern Europe impacts organizations everywhere. Plus, why return-to-office plans are falling short. 

The multiple ways tensions in Eastern Europe could impact leaders and their organizations everywhere. The reasons many have chosen to ignore a new variant of Omicron. Plus, how to put the past behind us. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Ukraine Crisis Hits Home—Wherever Home Is

The key ways the tensions in Eastern Europe will impact leaders, and their companies, everywhere.

Why Is Office Occupancy Only 31%?

Everything from movie theaters to hotels are filling up. Why office-return plans are still falling short on the ‘return’ part.


A new variant is spreading, but leaders and workers alike appear too exhausted to face another health crisis. How to handle an issue no one wants to hear about.

5 Steps to Take After Resigning

More people are quitting their jobs without next steps lined up. Experts suggest these strategies to recalibrate your career.

The Long Goodbye

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison on how, in this time of great transformation, it’s time to put the past behind us.