This Week in Leadership (July 11 - July 17)

Why being back in the office depends on geography. Plus, how to skip rungs on the way up the executive ladder. 

Why people in Texas are flocking back to the office while Californians are staying remote. Plus, speaking of "remote," candidates and employers may have a very different interpretation of that term. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Return to Office: Yes, in Austin. Less So, in San Fran

Almost 60% of workers are returning to offices in some US cities, but far fewer in others. What’s causing the disparity?

Remote Work—in Name Only

Some jobs listed as work-from-home may not be. How firms may be frustrating candidates. 

Why Cool, Slimmer Packaging Reigns in Retail

 A “risky” move—taller, thinner packaging—has paid off for beverage firms, and leaders are wondering why.

5 Ways to Jump Rungs on the Executive Ladder

It’s the big step so many strive for—moving into the senior-executive ranks. Surprisingly, experts say, the path leading there has become clearer in the post-pandemic era.

Our Syncing Feeling

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison argues that being out of sync and out of the office sometimes can be a creative spark.

3 Ways to Support Employees Navigating Grief

With so much tragedy in the news, many people today are working while grieving. How leaders can support employees by understanding the science behind grief.