This Week in Leadership (June 28- July 4)

Why more employees are "ghosting" their new employers. Plus, how did the number of workplace harassment incidents rise during the pandemic when many were working remotely?

Workers are "ghosting" the employers that just hired them. The rise of workplace harassment in the era of remote work. The power of being a good coach. Plus, the signs that maybe it's time to find another job. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry's content team on leadership-related news.

Being ‘Ghosted’ … by a New Hire

Some companies tell Korn Ferry that 25% or more of their new recruits don’t show up on the first day, and it isn’t just entry-level employees doing it, either. How to exorcise the problem.

Harassment at (Remote) Work

Two new surveys indicate workplace harassment rose during the pandemic. Will it increase even more as people return to the office?

6 Signs It’s Time to Quit

With the job market so strong, experts say it’s tempting to leave if these conditions apply.

Confusing Purpose-Driven with ‘Greenwashing’

Leaders need to embrace sustainability as a business strategy, not just develop ad campaigns about it, argues best-selling author Daniel Goleman.

It’s How Coaches Make Us Feel

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says it’s time for leaders to remember how coaches inspired them and then pay that feeling forward to others.