This Week in Leadership (Nov 9 - Nov 15)

Should companies order employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Plus, insights about the president-elect's priorities and a potential pay revolution at start-ups.

Why the positive news from a COVID-19 vaccine trial poses a vexing dilemma for company leaders everywhere. Plus, insights about the president-elect's priorities and a pay revolution at start-ups. Here are some recent articles from Korn Ferry's content team on leadership-related news. 

The Vexing Vaccine Dilemma

This week’s promising COVID-19 drug news poses a difficult issue: Should organizations force workers to get inoculated?

Following a New President’s Priorities

Experts warn that firms should weigh carefully how much—and how quickly—they should follow Biden’s new policies.

A Pay Raise in Start-Up Land?

Despite the pandemic, new government rules on foreign tech workers may upend some traditional compensation plans.

5 Social Media Tips for Senior-Level Execs

Many top-level executives limit their social media presence to a LinkedIn profile. It takes a lot more to get ahead.

Soul Searching

Why Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says it’s time to move past 2020 and find an overarching purpose for 2021 and beyond.