This Week in Leadership (Aug 14 - Aug 20)

Companies offering flexible work schedules are far more successful attracting talent than those that don't. Plus, what happened to all the big M&A deals?

Why leaders hoping a big acquisition could spur future growth might be out of luck for the moment. What leaders risk by offering all their employees time off in August. Plus, why being hopeful at the office might be a job requirement these days. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

What Happened to Big Deals?

Merger and acquisition activity continues to be down. Will this lifeblood of business begin to pick up, and how can companies grow in the meantime?

A Glimmer of Hope for Working Remote

Companies offering flexible work schedules are hiring talent at twice the rate of those that don’t. Is the big push for RTO slowing—and for how long?

Asking, Pleading for Time off in August

Leaders walk a fine line when trying to give employees an extra few days off in the waning summer weeks.

5 Alternatives to ChatGPT

The next wave of generative AI is moving toward more specialized tools used for specific purposes. Which of the new varieties look best for business leaders?

Being Optimistic at the Office

Hope is not a strategy, but there are plenty of good reasons why leaders need hopeful employees, says best-selling author Dan Goleman.