This Week in Leadership (July 31 - Aug 6)

Why companies are much more hesitant to lay people off now than in prior times of economic uncertainty. Plus, do we need office etiquette classes?

Why, despite headlines to the contrary, fewer firms are pulling the trigger on layoffs this year than in prior times of economic uncertainty. Plus, the reasons Tuesday has become the official return-to-office day of many organizations. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

Back to the Office—But on What Day(s)?

Tuesday is now the biggest day for returning to the office. But Thursday is lagging. A look at where the days of the traditional work week stand—and why.

Laying Off on Layoffs

Why firms are being more cautious with letting people go than they have in other uncertain economic times.

5 Ways to Get Your Resume Past AI 

Job candidates now have to get past more sophisticated AI screening tools. What are they looking for?

Is Emotional Intelligence on the Decline?

The epidemic of emotionless firings feeds a hunch best-selling author Dan Goleman has. 

Required Training: An Etiquette Class? 

In the latest sign that RTO is experiencing some bumps, a remarkable 45% of firms are offering classes geared at proper business behavior.