This Week in Leadership (Feb 13 - Feb 19)

Have middle managers reached a breaking point? Plus, how to juggle working and caregiving.

How organizations, by putting more pressure on their middle managers now, could be setting themselves up for problems later on. Why legal and goverrnment-affairs executives say they're finding their work even tougher today than it was during the pandemic. Plus, the "green skill" both workers and employers will need. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Breaking Point for Middle Managers

Already tasked with enforcing new office and productivity edicts, a growing number are now getting laid off, docked pay, or demoted. Why is there a target on their backs?

Taking a Stance, Facing a Backlash

A new survey shows stress levels for legal- and government-affairs executives are up sharply, as firms try to straddle the fence on many public issues.

A New 'Penalty' for Quitting

Companies are quietly expanding “clawback” provisions to a wider group of employees and extending the time workers must give notice. What’s driving this?

5 Ways to Juggle Caregiving and Working

Surveys show a growing number of workers now have at least some caretaking duties.

The Green Skill All Employers Will Need

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman explains why firms will need employees to both think and work with sustainability in mind.

Fit Matters Everywhere

Korn Ferry’s new global report shows that employees with a strong fit to their role are more likely to be highly engaged.