This Week in Leadership (Jan 1 - Jan 7)

Why more than half of CEOs are gloomy right now. Plus, how to jumpstart your career at the beginning of the year.

It's a new year, so why are half of CEOs so gloomy? Plus, listen to the latest Briefings Podcast. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Suddenly Doom & Gloom?

Despite months of decent economic news, more than half of CEOs think conditions will decline early this year. Why?

The Employee-Health Quandary

New data indicates the health of Americans is declining. Why firms need to pay attention.

Briefings Podcast: When Payday Becomes Public

More firms are now posting salary ranges, but many are still not prepared for the awkward questions they are getting from workers.

5 Ways to Start the New Year Strong Careerwise

Some savvy goal-setting and multitasking, along with a few breaks, could work wonders in 2024.

New Year, New Hope

Best-selling author Dan Goleman lays out the reasons why business leaders should lean into using one of the most powerful motivating factors humans know.