This Week in Leadership (Mar 25 - Mar 31)

Even after issuing return-to-office mandates, do leaders know how infrequently workers are actually at the office? Plus, the traits CEOs and astronauts—yes, astronauts—have in common.

The surprising reason behind low office occupancy rates even after bosses have imposed new tougher return-to-office policies. What leaders can learn from baseball players. Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast dives into a thorny issue: how much should companies spend in the name of employee wellness? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Tough or Lax on RTO Policies?

Plenty of firms have imposed office-work mandates, but less than one-fifth of people in finance are back five days a week. Are top bosses being made aware?

Skills-Based Hiring: Where Did It Go?

A new study shows that, despite a push, only fractionally more candidates without college degrees are being hired.

5 Traits CEOs and Astronauts (Yes, Astronauts) Share

As NASA begins the recruiting process for its next class of astronauts, our experts compare the “right stuff” needed in both outer space and the C-suite.

Briefings Podcast: How Deep Can the Wellness Well Go?

Wellness at work has expanded beyond offering healthy office snacks, but how far should it go? Our experts weigh in on whether firms should pay for weight-loss drugs, sleep aids, and other such expenses.

Opening Day

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says we have a lot to learn from baseball players: They fail all the time but learn from the experience.