This Week in Leadership (Nov 6 - Nov 12)

How did employees become much more productive so quickly? Plus, what you should do if your management responsibilities are taken away.

Worker productivity soared over the summer - how did that happen? What might work better than a big raise to keep high-potential workers? Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast focuses on the rapid proliferation of AI tools and providers, and how leaders should go about figuring out which to choose. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Productivity Shoots Up—Are Return to Office Mandates Why?

New data shows productivity is surging in the US. What’s behind the nation’s employees getting far more efficient?

Off for the Holidays… Forever

Data shows that 44% of employees have thought about quitting during vacations. Will they this year.?

Removed as Manager: 5 Ways to Handle It

Amid restructurings, many managers are ending up without direct reports. How to handle the transition.

Briefings Podcast: AI—Pie in the Sky or Pie in Your Face?

There are almost 58,000 AI firms globally. But how does a company know which tool they can trust? A pair of AI experts on this mounting dilemma.

More Money Isn’t Enough

Dan Goleman argues that there might be an incentive for high-potential employees that’s better than either money or promotions.