This Week in Leadership (Nov 7 - Nov 13)

How to undo a layoff mistake. Plus, make all those remote meetings more efficient, even fun.

How to rectify a layoff mistake. Why the word "remote" is disappearing from job postings. Plus, since they aren't going away, how to make hybrid meetings a better experience. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Undoing Layoff Mistakes

Some high-profile layoff mishaps—and a looming recession—have focused firms on getting this tricky move right.

Where Did All the Remote Work Offers Go?

Only one in seven job postings now offers remote work. Is a new era in post-pandemic work emerging?

The Latest DEI Obstacle

A new study shows that the usual way of resolving work conflicts can actually get in the way of diversity and inclusion efforts.

4 Ways to Make Hybrid Meetings Effective, Even Fun

How to keep people’s attention and encourage human connection in these new staples of the workday.

One Way to Quell the Quitters

Despite the slowing economy, people are voluntarily leaving their jobs at a near-record pace. Best-selling author Daniel Goleman highlights what leaders can do about it.