This Week in Leadership (Oct 3 - Oct 9)

Why remote workers fear they are at the top of the layoff list. Plus, middle managers are getting squeezed by hybrid work schedules.

Are the jobs of remote workers more at risk than those of their in-office peers as the economy slows? Why middle managers are having a particularly tough time adjusting to hybrid schedules. Plus, how to sculpt your personal brand. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Layoffs: Will Remote Workers Be the First to Go? 

As firms cut back more, eight in ten workers worry that remote staffers could lose their jobs first, a new survey says. How leaders should make such decisions.  

A Game Changer for Pay Disclosure

New or pending state laws will require employers to disclose salary ranges of job postings for the first time. Are companies ready for the fallout? 

Hybrid’s Burden on Middle Managers

Experts fear that having to implement RTO policies might be the last straw for many midlevel supervisors. 

5 Ways to Sculpt Your Personal Brand 

It’s not easy to build a professional reputation. But a tough economy may make the skill more valuable.

A Required Shared Purpose  

Best-selling author Dan Goleman says a proposed climate-reporting regulation may help firms reimagine business around a common purpose.