This Week in Leadership (Aug 29 - Sept 4)

Why The Great Resignation has turned into The Great Regret for people up and down the corporate ladder. Plus, how to make September super productive.

Why the Great Resignation has turned into the Great Regret for many. A new SEC rule could increase the scrutiny of what organizations pay their top executives. Plus, how to make your September super productive. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

The Great Resignation’s Big Regret

Why do one quarter of people who quit their jobs now say they rue the decision?  And how should leaders respond?

New Scrutiny of C-Suite Pay

A new SEC rule will force firms to track top executive pay with performance. Will activists, watchdogs take notice? 

Quiet Quitting: One Solution

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman argues that there’s one proven way to keep employees engaged in their jobs, and it’s not money.

Raising Prices Becomes Tricky Now

Firms that raise prices this fall may not get the same free pass they did from consumers when inflation first hit. How the purpose movement has reshaped pricing.

6 Ways to Jumpstart September 

September is a critical month for many businesses, especially this year. Here’s what experts suggest for leaders hoping to boost Q4 results.