This Week in Leadership (Aug 15 - Aug 21)

Why it could be a moment of truth for return-to-office policies. Plus, the sector with the most CEO turnover this year is quite surprising.

Could expiring office leases be the reason that companies finally make some return-to-office decisions? Which sector is leading the way in CEO turnover. Plus, why companies are still shelling out big signing bonuses as the economy is shrinking? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Return to Office: The Moment of Truth?

One in ten office leases is about to expire, forcing some companies to finally decide if workers should return to office locations.

Which CEOs Are Leaving Quickest?

A surprising sector leads the way. For now, experts can’t figure out why.

Sign-on Bonuses: Still Thriving

The economy is shrinking, but leaders are still needing to make hefty payouts to fill key openings.

5 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a New Job Offer

Experts says offer time may be the best time to negotiate.

Winning Over the Purpose-Driven Gen Z Workforce

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman explains how firms can earn the trust of the workforce’s newest cohort.