This Week in Leadership (July 17 - July 23)

How are UK workers taking to "hot desking?" Plus, how to use AI to make your performance review considerably more useful. 

Will the UK's civilian tech workers find job offers from Britain's military tempting? How are employees taking to the "hot desk" trend at offices? Plus, how to use AI to get more out of a performance review. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

A Culture War In the Making?

Hoping to fill a shortfall in talent, Britain’s military aims to scoop up some recently laid-off tech workers. But how well will these new hires take orders?

Hot Desking: The UK’s Latest Hot Topic

More than half of British firms now have no assigned desks for workers, the world’s highest rate. Does hot desking undermine morale?

Fully Remote? It Could be 10% to 20% Less Productive

A new study indicates there’s a decent-sized gap in productivity between a fully remote and a fully on-site workforce. But the where-to-work debate will likely rage on.

Leading Through Floods, Fires, and Fierce Heat

June’s heat and a slew of storms portend that leaders will face climate-related challenges more frequently. Are they prepared?

5 Ways to Use AI for Your Midyear Review

ChatGPT and similar software won’t magically turn your job performance stellar, but they could make your review far more productive.

Being an Ally vs. Just Using Symbols

Consumers increasingly are able to recognize, and don’t take kindly to, organizations whom they suspect are “purpose washing,” says best-selling author Dan Goleman.

Humans Still Wanted: The Future of AI at Work

Nearly 40% of CEOs tell Korn Ferry that AI will fundamentally transform their businesses, but how many say they, or their employees, are ready for that change?