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About The Book

About The Book
Lose the Resume

Far too many people are stuck in a nowhere position, in the wrong environment, working for a boss they hate. Worse yet, they’re clueless about how to land a better job. Not knowing what to do, they resort to their old standby - their resume. People assume their resumes account for 90 percent of getting a new job. The truth is, though, it’s maybe 10 percent! They don’t know what it really takes—and have nowhere to turn.

Lose the Resume, Land the Job serves up the kind of straight talk that no one – not your spouse, partner, friend, mentor, or anyone else – will tell you. It will show you how to:

If this sounds like what you’re missing, you’re in luck. In this new book authored by Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison, you’ll find all you need to get a clue—and be more empowered as you lose the resume and land the job.