Senior Partner

Keebra began her recruiting career over ten years ago and has worked in a variety of industries, finally landing her in technology as a Senior Partner with Lucas Group, a Korn Ferry Company.  

Her passion is connecting with great people and in-turn, connecting them with great companies.  Keebra’s honest, transparent, and engaging approach allows her to connect with individuals and learn about their passions and their “perfect.”  While working with professionals and executives, Keebra is excited about building relationships.

Prior to recruiting, Keebra served her community as a Probation Officer and discovered her desire to help others and the importance of effective communication.  The ability to connect with individuals is a proven asset in both mentoring recruiters and engaging with candidates and clients.  At a boutique staffing agency, Keebra was top producer for three years and since joining Lucas Group in 2021, Keebra has been promoted to Senior Partner and was awarded into the President’s Club.

In her free time, Keebra enjoys spending time with her children and traveling with her husband.  Whether they are camping or sitting on the beach in Jamaica, family is priority.  Keebra holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Indiana University.