Senior Principal

By helping organizations identify the key messages from employee feedback including areas to target for improvement Melanie helps organizations work better.

That is, organizations improve their performance by creating a more positive employee experience that motivates and enables employees to perform at their best; and increases the likelihood that the best talent is attracted and retained.

Melanie helps organizations involve employees and leaders in an ongoing process of giving, receiving and acting upon employee feedback. She has demonstrated how employee feedback can be a leading indicator of employee performance, the customer experience and financial results, through links to critical organizational outcomes such as health & safety statistics, turnover, customer loyalty indicators, and EBIT.

Melanie has over 20 years of consulting experience in quantitative and qualitative research. She is effective at defining needs, and then developing and executing a survey program to address those needs. Melanie is skilled at presentations and facilitation, and she has well-developed writing skills supported by a strong attention to detail. Organizational and team building skills have helped her manage large complex projects.

Melanie consults with client organizations on survey design; communications; data collection; analysis and interpretation; reporting in the form of summary reports and executive presentations; training on interpreting and responding to survey results; and focus group facilitation.

Melanie holds a Master of Science specializing in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Toronto.