Principal Consultant

Melinda Lelovics is a Principal Consultant for Korn Ferry based in the Firm's Budapest office.

An experienced executive coach, assessor, and facilitator, Ms. Lelovics has managed and been a team member in many international projects focusing on leader development and assessment. She has extensive experience working with clients across a wide range of industries and cultures, and over ten years experience delivering assessments.

In her tenure with the Firm, Ms. Lelovics has designed and managed projects to assess performance, readiness, and potential for internal and external talent pools. For this work, she defined overall leadership success factors and critical competency needs during organizational change efforts. During a two-year assignment in Boston, she managed projects in Canada and the U.S., focusing on assessment services, executive coaching, and introducing leadership skill expectations and competency frameworks at the organizational level.

Ms. Lelovics effectively links her coaching to clients' business direction with perspective on organizational, personal, and leadership change opportunities. Dedicated and practical, she is skilled in finding workable solutions to tough challenges. Trusting in intrinsic motivation to act as catalyst of personal growth, Ms. Lelovics digs deep to understand her clients' business and their unique challenges.

Linking personal effectiveness to business outcomes, Ms. Lelovics works with high potential leaders and executives across various industries supporting them during times of crisis, business model transitions, and personal challenges. With a primary focus on interpersonal and people management skills, executive presence, role and business transitions, and cross-cultural challenges, she partners with organizations and their leaders to build the competencies required to succeed now and in the future.

Ms. Lelovics received her doctoral degree in social psychology from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and her master's degree in psychology from the Kossuth University of Debrecen, Hungary. She holds several certificates in psychometric testing.