Sector Leader, Japanese Accounts

Seiji is a Sector Leader – Japanese Accounts based in Thailand.

Mr. Iwamura has been specialized in providing retained executive search to global Japanese companies especially operated in Southeast Asia region for more than 20 years. Over the years, Mr. Iwamura advised various Japanese clients how to localize their senior executive roles in the organization and how to attract and acquire the outstanding candidates in the market and importantly how to retain them and bring out their best performance after they start work. Mr.Iwamura has seen his executive candidates, including those who never worked for Japanese companies previously, could assimilate well to the company’s culture and create significant changes, motivate team, and contribute to the growth of the company.     

Mr. Iwamura has been managing various industries of Japanese clients but particularly his expertise is placed in the industrial sector, including machinery and equipment, chemicals and materials, electronics, consumer electronics, automotive manufacturing and components, engineering, construction, and logistics. Additionally, he has done executive searches in technology, life sciences and advertising industries.

He has done the searches of various roles such as regional business head or regional functional head of Asia Pacific region or Southeast Asia & South Asia region, managing director, vice president, CFO, human resources, sales & marketing and numerous manufacturing management positions. 

Prior to Korn Ferry, Mr. Iwamura worked as Partner at another global retained executive search firm.  Prior to that, he was based in Singapore working at local retained executive search firm.  

Mr. Iwamura holds a bachelor of arts, major in American & English Language from Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan. He is a Japanese native and fluent in English. 




特に機械・自動車、化学・素材、電機・精密、エンジニアリング、建設、物流などの産業界全般、テクノロジー、ライフサイエンス、消費財、広告業界のサーチ実績が豊富である。 また、アジアパシフィック全域でのサーチ実績があるが、特に東南アジア、南アジア・オセアニア地域の事業統括及び機能統括、販売拠点や生産拠点の社長、副社長、CFO、人事、営業&マーケティング、様々な製造管理職のサーチ実績が多い。