Enterprise Leadership Development

This webinar series identifies ways Leadership Development at different levels helps enterprises to adapt, perform and transform in a rapidly changing world.

#1 – Leadership Development for your transformational context

Speakers: Dennis Baltzley, Arvinder Dhesi, Mamta Dhawan & James Bywater

Date: 13 Sept 2023
Time: 16.00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

Transformation and disruption are constant and emergent, no longer plan-able or cyclic. Therefore, Leadership development strategies must align to the ‘heat and speed’ of the changes your organization is facing. We’ll describe and contrast some approaches that organisations are taking to deliver different types of Enterprise impact with a focus on Senior Level.

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#2 – Accelerating strategy from the middle

Speakers: Seth De Grow, James Bywater, TJ van Schalkwyk  & Niklas Ewetz

Date: 10 Oct 2023
Time: 16.00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

Operating in the middle of the organization is one of the toughest challenges in leadership. Leaders at Mid Level need to ensure individuals, teams and organisations balance both performance and transformation as they execute a strategy that they often have had limited input in shaping. How can your organization provide the support needed to make these leaders successful? Explore with us some examples of how clients have done this.

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#3 - Developing the ‘Vital many’ leaders at scale

Speakers: Ellen Wilsker, Dave Brazel, Tom Gooderham & James Bywater

Date: 14 Nov 2023
Time: 16.00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

First line leaders are the entry point for great leadership in an organization. They are closest to the customer, often have the largest set of direct reports, are responsible for executing on your business strategy and so they represent most of the “leadership” in organisations, but yet they often receive the least attention! Leadership development at this level is not only your chance to improve productivity and engagement, it also has a multiplier effect for the work you do at more senior levels. Join us to share our data, thoughts, best practice approaches and case studies for developing the ‘vital many’ leaders at your organization.

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#4 - Leadership Impact – What are your leaders doing...and is it helping or hindering your organization?

31 October 2023 - 16.00 GMT / 11AM EST 

Speakers: Chris Huber & James Bywater

In this challenging economic environment where your people can make the difference between success and failure, it is not enough to just assess and develop leaders. It is critical to ensure they are creating a climate for themselves, and their teams, that builds engagement and allows them to focus on their performance and executing on your organization’s strategy. Join us for a webinar with Korn Ferry’s leadership effectiveness experts as they discuss the latest research findings, Korn Ferry resources, and case studies of how organisations have used proven approaches and surveys around Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate to assess leadership effectiveness and the impact leaders are having.

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