How to predict the critical roles your business will need and move at speed

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Purbita Banerjee

SaaS Product Leader at Korn Ferry

By 2030, only 25% of companies in today’s S&P 500 will exist*. Sobering, but totally predictable when you consider how often talent strategy isn’t data-driven and using the latest analytics.

Yet, why do so many enterprise transformations lack analytical insight on talent and skills? Understanding and acting on the future of work is business critical, especially with job markets running so hot.

At our digital discussion, you’ll learn how analytical power can help you confidently predict the talent and skills your business needs to reach its goals—and adapt faster. Unique data, content, insight, and talent analytics, plus unrivalled expertise all in one place.

Enjoy lively debate and discussion on:

  • why your current talent strategy just doesn’t stack up
  • how the insight you’re missing is like an agility and innovation bottleneck
  • how AI and algorithms are making any career path possible
  • why employee experience matters more than ever
  • and how an international bank created a talent blueprint using Intelligence Cloud

Our panel of experts who will be guiding you to a clearer, comprehensive, insightful talent strategy will be:

  • Dave Marzo—Global VP Solution Design at Korn Ferry
  • Satish Gannu—CTO at Korn Ferry
  • Purbita Banerjee—SaaS Product Leader at Korn Ferry

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