Seize the Sale: Drive Revenue Growth in 2023

A precise and proven sales methodology gets more deals in motion, increases your pipeline predictability, and helps you adapt with a changing market.

Date: January 24, 2023

Customer demand remains high; however, business leaders are preparing for an economic slowdown in 2023 with 37% of CEOs expecting demand to recede. How will they achieve revenue growth as buyers pull back, and opportunities vanish? 

A big part of the answer depends on whether they have precision in their sales processes and a formal sales methodology to convert more deals in the pipeline. 

At our last Seize the Sale webinar, we asked attendees whether they had a formal sales methodology. Less than 30% said they did. But Korn Ferry research shows that using a precise and proven methodology leads to higher deal conversion. 

In this webinar, we uncovered how your sales process and methodology can get your deals in motion, increase pipeline predictability, and adapt at speed when sales environments change. 

We will explore: 

  • What characterizes a formal sales process and sales methodology? 
  • Why formality matters within the sales funnel? 
  • Can your sales methodology adapt in response to change? 
  • How can you ensure global adoption among sellers?

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