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What Does AI in the Workplace Mean?

Generative AI has witnessed a meteoric rise in adoption. Our panel of experts will share recent research insights and discuss the impact of AI on organizations.

Previously recorded: Wed, 23 August, 2023

The growing impact of AI in the workplace is transforming how businesses operate, with Generative AI leading the charge. Gen AI, a technology that uses machine learning algorithms to produce anything from text, to images, to code—even composing music in a specific style or genre—has witnessed a meteoric rise in adoption.

But what does AI in the workplace mean? How will it impact people, teams, and organizations – and what might the disruption mean for the future of work? Our Korn Ferry Institute surveyed hundreds of CEOs and CHROs to learn more about the impact of AI on their organizations.

In this opening conversation with Korn Ferry experts, we share insights from this recent research and explore the intersection of Gen AI and the workplace.

Questions we explore:

  • What is driving exponential AI growth?
  • How should companies prepare for this AI led transformation?
  • What are the major trends defining the adoption of AI in modern enterprises?
  • What are the implications of AI on Organizational Structures and People Strategy?

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