Compensation Surveys

Make informed decisions about your pay data and reward program

Current compensation data is crucial to maintain a competitive and attractive rewards program.

Our global compensation surveys provide you with data on the latest compensation practices in the market, seamlessly delivered through your Korn Ferry Pay subscription. Our comprehensive suite of tools can be used to analyze and optimize the competitiveness, attractiveness, and ROI of your own rewards program.


Available 24/7 all year round and accessed through your Korn Ferry Pay subscription

Our compensation surveys are delivered via an online database which enables you to rapidly make accurate, data-driven decisions on reward.

Gathered from 26,000 organizations in 150+ countries across the world and based on 25 million employees, our compensation surveys cover every major country and industry and are updated multiple times per year.

Our surveys only use company-reported compensation data for base salaries, long-term incentives, allowances, variable pay and benefits. In addition, and uniquely, we also provide data on  pay-for-performance so you can assess how your compensation strategy is aligned to your performance management programs.

You can also use our comprehensive suite of tools and analytics — designed by reward professionals, for reward professionals — to assess and benchmark your own reward programs too.

How we help you

We are in the business of people. We understand how reward is linked to issues such as Talent Management, attraction, retention and engagement of people, as well as performance management – including how to get the best out of people.

Moreover, we can help you go beyond the data to connect multiple data sources, combining different perspectives on your business and talent challenges. Korn Ferry Pay presents reward and organizational data together in one place, making it easy for you to see the relationships and drivers.

Access compensation surveys through Korn Ferry Pay in three easy steps. See our survey schedule here to learn about upcoming data submission dates in order to participate.

Instant access

Subscribe to compensation surveys and access the very latest compensation and benefits data available for your country 24/7 through our analytics platform, Korn Ferry Pay.

Easy upload

Conduct your analysis, you can upload your data quickly, easily, and securely through our online-data-submission tool. Our AI technology will help ensure your data is aligned with our survey methodology, so that the insights you get are completely accurate and reliable.

Comprehensive analysis

Access our analytics tools and our compensation survey data to analyze, assess and benchmark your total reward programs from top to bottom.

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