Emotional & Social Competency Inventory (ESCI)

Become confident in the concepts of emotional and social intelligence

What makes the best bosses best? Answers to this question likely describe their behaviors associated with emotional intelligence (EI), not how smart they are. Coaches certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) can help develop more of those best bosses and colleagues. Together with world expert in EI, Dan Goleman, we’ve designed a certification course for development and coaching professionals who want to help their colleagues and clients become more effective team members and leaders. Our 360 Emotional and Social Competency Inventory instrument provides data important to individuals and organizations as they track individual and organizational performance. 

This is a blended course consisting of self-paced eLearning followed by one live session with an instructor. 


Anyone is welcome to attend the ESCI certification. Certification is required for all those delivering feedback sessions in order to maintain the integrity of the instrument and ensure demonstration of best practice certification. Completion of this course will qualify you as an approved practitioner to deliver ESCI feedback sessions and allow you to receive ESCI reports from Korn Ferry.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Emotional and Social Intelligence competencies, history business cases, and its underlying theory
  • Experience your own ESCI assessment (optional)
  • Use and interpret the feedback reports
  • Understand how people develop competencies
  • Practice and gain confidence in giving feedback

Upon conclusion of the course, you will be confident in the concepts of emotional and social intelligence and be able to work with the ESCI data to improve individual and organizational performance.

Course Components:

Blended/eLearning Path:


Module 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Module 2: The Science Behind ESCI

Module 3: ESCI Deep Dive

Module 4: ESCI Reports

Module 5: ESCI Feedback and Coaching

ESCI vILT Session: Coaching Practice


Each of the eLearning modules for the ESCI course are expected to require between 35 – 90 minutes to complete depending on the specific module (approximately 4 hours in total). The course will conclude with a live virtual Instructor-led component lasting approximately 2.5 hours. Completion of both the eLearning modules and the instructor-led session are required for completion of the certification. The eLearning modules can be completed at any time prior to the live session but must be completed by this point.

Course Requirements:

  • Completion of all sessions/modules
  • Completion and submission of the “Prepare Your Script” Worksheet
  • Completion of Final Knowledge Check and course survey.

Assessments are purchased separately. Use of any Korn Ferry assessment requires a contract with our assessment center. Please contact GSCcontracts@kornferry.com for current assessment and contract pricing.


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