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Provide a consistent and objective framework for analyzing your organizational structure.

HR practitioners have come to rely on Korn Ferry training courses as a means to earn a seat at the table and confidently lead talent management best practices within their organizations. Whether you’re just getting started in a new role or organization supporting a system that’s already in place or revamping your HR processes we have specific courses to address your critical talent needs.

Introduction to Job Evaluation Training

In this changing business landscape, people are juggling more priorities than ever before. We know it’s not always possible to take multiple days off for training which is why we offer our Introductory course at a time, location, and place that is convenient for you. Our training seminar combines a flexible online format with the strength of classroom participation and facilitation.

The Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method of Job Evaluation provides a consistent and objective framework for analyzing organizational structures developing pay and reward strategy and managing human resources more effectively.

The three-step training process begins with a live webinar that will provide general background and explain the training process. In the second step, participants will access an online module to provide them with a solid understanding of the theory behind the methodology the principles of job evaluation and a detailed narrative around the features of the Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Method. Each participant’s progress is carefully monitored throughout these two steps and everyone must achieve a ‘pass’ standard in the online module program before progressing to the third step a live, virtual classroom session.

In the classroom session, participants will apply the principles of the methodology to a global standard case study. The one-day in-person classroom-based training allows for full exploration of all issues with a Korn Ferry consultant including the opportunity for participants to ask specific questions regarding their company’s internal processes and gain insight from others.

Flexibility and convenience

The online module is designed to provide the reassurance of Korn Ferry's expert training in a flexible but fully supported environment.

  • Participants have the ability to form a peer group and communicate with each other during their training and as they practice what they have learned.
  • Participants are able to complete the training at their own pace and convenience.
  • Training can be determined by individual schedules
  • Guaranteed consistency of training across multiple locations
  • Reduced travel expenses

Introduction to Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method of Job Evaluation is intended for professionals who need to evaluate jobs and roles and are designed for individuals who are accountable for valuing work in their organizations including compensation management organizational effectiveness and human resources development.

These programs are only open to client organizations that are currently using the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method of Job Evaluation.

Program faculty

Our faculty includes seasoned Korn Ferry consultants with both a depth of job evaluation and breadth of HR experience. They have worked in complex organizations with clients from a variety of industry sectors covering a wide spectrum of expertise. Their diverse backgrounds provide participants with the ability to gain both theoretical knowledge as well as practical advice about how to effectively use the Korn Ferry Hay Method.

Certificates of completion will be issued to participants after completion of the course.

The cost per person is $2500. A five percent discount will be applied for two registrations from the same organization and 10 percent for three or more. If you are eligible for the discount, please reach out to before you register to request a promo code.


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