Leadership Potential Certification

Objectively evaluate leadership potential

Korn Ferry Talent Management Assessment Solution

With the Leadership Potential Assessment, you can:

  • Objectively evaluate leadership potential - Utilize Korn Ferry’s global scope and scale to accurately identify the individuals who can lead within your organization.
  • Invest in the right individuals - Measure the critical components of leadership potential so you can invest in the right talent and target the right areas for development.
  • Take decisive action - assess leadership potential for a role or at a specific level.
  • Deliver feedback and coaching to assessment participants.

Note: The KF Potential certification and training is required for use with the potential report output in KFAS; only a trained coach can deliver high potential feedback to an assessment participant. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Assessments are purchased separately. Use of any Korn Ferry assessment requires a contract with our assessment center. Please contact GSCcontracts@kornferry.com for current assessment and contract pricing.

Course Summary:

This blended course includes self-guided eLearning and live, instructor-led application sessions. The course introduces you to a range of topics relating to the assessment identification and development of High Potential talent. This includes the business case for identifying High Potential associated best practices and the common language we use for it within Korn Ferry. You will also explore the research methodology and science behind High Potential assessments looking at areas such as reliability validity scoring and impacts. The coaching structure process and flow will be studied and practiced


  • Use the Korn Ferry Potential Assessment to provide data important to individuals and organizations as they think about leadership potential.
  • Qualify you as an approved coach to deliver Leadership Potential report feedback sessions to maintain the integrity of the instrument and demonstrate best practice.


  • Explore the use of the Korn Ferry Potential Participant Report the business need and best practices around identifying potential in the work of talent management.
  • Obtain a common language and understanding of the Korn Ferry Leadership Potential report and model of leadership potential that make up the instrument.
  • Engage with Korn Ferry to use our single platform technology successfully and create assessment projects that leverage all the survey administrative options and create an effective rater experience.
  • Analyze and interpret Leadership Potential reports accurately: Participant Potential report Risk Factors report and Talent Grid report.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence in the research methodology and science behind the creation of the instrument reliability validity scoring and impacts.
  • Explore the structure and coaching methods for facilitating meaningful report delivery sessions with an individual or group.
  • Demonstrate clarity of the assessment instrument in a practice coaching session segment; for (in session) observation and feedback.


  • Expertly implement the Leadership Potential Solution to assess and identify key talent with the skills required to succeed in leadership roles.
  • Facilitate meaningful report delivery feedback sessions.
  • Build future bench strength through developmental assignments and placements.

Who should attend:

  • Organizational Development or HR business partners - those who influence organizational talent strategy and implementation
  • Delegates recommended by HR or OD business to receive the deepest knowledge dive into the Potential Solution
  • Designated individuals who will provide coaching using the instrument
  • Clients who are involved with the KFAS – The Korn Ferry Assessment Solution/HUB and are expanding to full use of the Talent Management Component of the technology platform.


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For additional information, please reach out to certifications@kornferry.com.


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