Business Analysis Training

Eliciting and Managing Requirements


Individual contributor (professional – expert) and select front line leaders

  • Digital/E-Learning
  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor-led

Eliciting and Managing Requirements is designed for individuals responsible for doing just that—eliciting requirements from users and stakeholders and managing those requirements throughout solution development.  The course looks at the processes around solution scope validation, collaborative elicitation, modeling the solution, documenting effective requirements, solution validation, requirements change management, and how to plan the work necessary to successfully drive the whole process.

Learning objectives

  • Explain the critical role of business analysis with respect to requirements management.
  • Validate solution scope.
  • Use appropriate modeling techniques in requirements management work.
  • Plan requirements elicitation and analysis to maximize efficiency and estimate the required effort.
  • Determine the most appropriate techniques for eliciting requirements at different points in the analysis cycle.
  • Analyze various kinds of requirements into complete, coherent, and organized requirements documentation.
  • Build consensus in order to validate and finalize the requirements.
  • Manage the requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

Behavioural Competencies

  • Balances stakeholders
  • Collaborates
  • Drives engagement
  • Global perspective
  • Instills trust
  • Manages complexity
  • Nimble learning
  • Optimizes work processes
  • Plans and aligns
  • Situational adaptability
  • Values differences


  • Action planning
  • Analytical processes
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Culture of innovation
  • Customer service delivery
  • Document/model user requirements
  • Information management
  • Managing change
  • Planning and organizing
  • Research methods
  • Validate and verify requirements


  • Onsite instructor-led: 3 days – 22.5 / 2 days – 15
  • Virtual instructor-led: 3 days – 22.5 / 2 days – 15
  • Digital/E-learning: 22.5