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Business analysis skills help identify the right work and keep an organization strategically aligned.

Business Analysis is a discipline for enabling change, understanding business needs, and recommending solutions to those needs that deliver business value. Business analysis skills are being used by more than just business analysts. Like project management, more and more non-traditional BAs are being called on to assist with requirements elicitation, features management in agile projects and working at a more strategic level to identify process improvements while driving organizational improvements.

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In today’s increasingly complex marketplace, business analysis skills play a critical role in keeping an organization aligned to its strategy and design solutions, while recognizing and addressing the full scope of necessary changes in an organization. 
While it was originally a discipline that helped elicit, gather, and clarify business requirements into a language that solution developers could use, it is now a collection of skills that can be of strategic importance to any organization or industry.

Some of the most important business analysis skills are:

  • Identifying the broad portfolio of change priorities within an organization
  • Selecting and defining programs and projects that meet identified business needs and priorities
  • Grasping all that is involved in a change initiative, including required costs, resources, and risk
  • Measuring, tracking, evaluating, and managing the solutions that are intended to deliver the required benefits
  • Helping the organization refine process and drive continuous improvement

Employees who can think through the lens of business analysis and make decisions based on business value help organizations identify which work should be undertaken to reach a strategic goal as well as how to get better business outcomes from future project work.

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What will you learn?

By completing our courses, you will have learned how to drive business value for your organization. You’ll learn how to:

  • Define business needs 
  • Elicit and manage requirements
  • Manage benefits realization
  • Refine solution scope
  • Drive enterprise-level business architecture
  • Analyze and model business data, process and workflow

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