Contract Management Training

International Contracting


Federal procurement managers

  • Onsite Instructor-led

International Contracting explains how you can anticipate and address the risks, issues, and conflicts that arise in entering and managing contractual relationships with foreign firms and governments. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the provisions that govern international contractual relationships and how they differ from provisions governing domestic contracts. This comprehensive course addresses corruption and other legal considerations, the ins and outs of commercial arrangements, and the implications of international treaties and world events. It also gives you a firm foundation for drafting, interpreting, negotiating and modifying contractual agreements.

Learning objectives

  • Assess what legal systems impact your projects.
  • Identify legal risks in global projects.
  • Draft practical, workable international contracts.
  • Describe contingency contracting techniques used in natural disasters and emergency situations.
  • Control post-contracting changes.
  • Resolve contracting disputes quickly and cost efficiently.


  • International contract laws
  • Risks in international contracting
  • Contract change control
  • Disputes


  • Onsite instructor-led: 4 days - 28 / 3 days - 24