Contract Management Training

Manage risk and work through proper contract management

Contract management skills are often undervalued and unappreciated. Most organizations rely heavily on their legal teams to handle contract management, which could bog down the process and hold up projects. 
Equipping non-legal professionals with the ability to manage some of the contract management functions can streamline the contract procurement process and build in the appropriate level of risk, relieving some of the burden from the legal department, speeding up projects, and increasing the chances of smooth relationships.

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Why take contract management training?

Learn to be nimble and responsive

Contract management is generally thought of as the administration of all the activities around creating, scoping, costing, selecting, awarding, and administering a contract. Beyond that, contract management is about successfully building and managing the relationship between two people or organizations that are exchanging a product or service.

Contract management and acquisition (CMA) professionals in both the public sector and corporations are increasingly caught in a world of transition. Companies are innovating products, services, and business models faster than policies and guidance change. To boot, government buying requirements are also shifting. Operating in this transitional world requires contract managers to be sharp decision-makers, adaptive and nimble, and collaborative.

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What will you learn?

Learners who participate in our contract management program will be able to safely navigate the world of contract procurement and administration in coordination with their internal legal departments. They will be able to manage the relationships that happen when entering contract agreements; they will know how to ask the right questions to build those relationships; manage the negotiations whether they are competitive or collaborative negotiations; and they will have a full understanding of both sides of the buyer-seller relationship.

There are several courses offered through the Contract Management curriculum, including courses that deal specifically with contracts that need to meet federal, state, or local government requirements.

Through this program, you will learn to:

  • Communicate better with all parties, reducing and managing conflicts
  • Elicit, document, and manage clearly defined requirements in the scope of work
  • Plan and conduct negotiations
  • Effectively and efficiently scope work through closing the contract
  • Select appropriate contract type to manage performance, control risk and deliver what you need
  • Identify selection criteria and evaluate proposals for commercial and federal contracts
  • Outline next steps following the award of a performance-based service contract
  • Manage vendors and suppliers, including detecting and correcting non-performance issues
  • Gain a working understanding of some of more complex legal language and small purchase policies and procedures

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