Contract Management Training

Vendor Performance Management

  • Virtual instructor-led

Vendor Performance Management is designed to give buyers, acquisition staff and managers targeted training on relationship management, performance management, measurement, communication and conflict management.

This course can provide you with the tools and methods that will help you define and analyze your vendors, communicate with them effectively, prevent and/or effectively manage potential conflicts, and benefit from the best practices of performance-based acquisition. You will have an opportunity to practice the key activities of managing vendor performance and apply that knowledge to your specific organizational environments.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce best practices in performance-based service contract administration
  • Identify, prioritize and document project stakeholders
  • Develop stakeholder management and communication plan
  • Improve skills of effective oral and written communication
  • Effectively monitor and control vendor performance
  • Improve partnership relationships with vendors
  • Manage contract changes
  • Reduce and effectively manage conflicts


  • Virtual instructor-led: 18