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Organizations are facing extreme financial pressure and uncertainty, forcing many to lay off or furlough valuable employees. Layoffs are always challenging, but these uniquely poor labor market conditions exacerbate the situation and raise the need for a formalized exit management plan.

Organizations need to place the same value and focus on their employee exit strategy as typically found in hiring and onboarding, yet it is estimated less than one-third have a formal plan.

Well-defined career outplacements can bolster an employer’s brand, keep employees engaged, and drive organizational performance. Yet as companies and employees are finding out, many often fail to meet the expectations ― or are not delivering outcomes with real value. These services are typically reserved for the highest wage earners for an organization but there is a way to bring the type of personal guidance and support previously reserved only for executives to all displaced employees, and in a financially feasible way.

Downsizing a workforce by 1% leads to a 31% increase in voluntary turnover the next year.
Source: HBR

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Current realities are forcing companies to face real-time pressure to realign workforces. Discover why the most effective outplacement programs treat career transition as a scalable, human-centric solution and the reasons for doing so.

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How we can help you

Our comprehensive outplacement services help displaced employees through our state-of-the-art technology platform, allowing your organization to deliver support, at scale. Support typically reserved for top earners can now reach all levels of an organization.

Professional development: We offer on-demand skill and professional development to improve the skills of employees who have been laid off or furloughed. Our vast intellectual property spans across roles and provides reskilling and upskilling opportunities through a multitude of effective learning solutions and delivery methods.

Assessments: Exiting employees undergo thorough assessments that identify their strengths and benchmark them against millions of other candidates.

Coaching: Our career coaches study the results of individuals’ assessments and use their extensive search experience to suggest how exiting employees can best position themselves to land their next opportunity. We also point them to the best opportunities that match their skills and strengths and guide them through compensation negotiations.

We provide highly tailored career and job search guidance and skill development.

Furloughs rather than layoffs can create advantages for employees and organizations. Unfortunately, it is difficult to engage furloughed employees. Usually the organization has fewer resources during challenging financial conditions. Moreover, furloughed employees often experience similar emotional turmoil to displaced employees.

We provide on-demand skill and professional development, to help furloughed employees to improve their skills, and maintain engagement. The organization also has a stronger message to the market when business improves – we are not just back, we are better.

We take candidates through a rigorous assessment that identifies their strengths and benchmarks them against others.

We work with organizations across the globe, every day, to design their executive searches and work closely with them throughout the sourcing and screening process. We also collect annually tens of millions of assessments and compensation data points. Those insights allow us to provide highly tailored career, job search, and skill development guidance. That’s why most executives we place turn to us when they make a career change or launch an executive search themselves.

Executive transitions present unique challenges. Very few open positions will be available at any given time that offer a good fit. It’s also much more difficult for an executive to convincingly demonstrate their fit for a position – something many other highly qualified candidates will be attempting at the same time. Offer negotiations also present significant complexity. As a result, it routinely takes an executive 6-12 months to land the right role.

We provide access to a broad library of on-demand learning coupled with career coach guidance.

Powered by a world-class digital platform, users will experience an integrated delivery that unlocks the power of people. The ability to utilize our digital platform allows for both the personalization and vast resources typically reserved for the highest wage earners to be scaled for all employees, at a reasonable cost.

We provide on-demand skill and professional development, to help furloughed employees to improve their skills.

As a global organization consulting firm, we have the capabilities to deliver in areas of service across your People Strategy. We align our solutions from workforce planning, attraction, assessment and selection, hiring, onboarding, developing, and retaining your talent to ensure your organization is best positioned for success.

We are uniquely positioned to provide highly tailored career guidance and skill development.

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