Dagmar Flinspach

Dagmar Flinspach

Principal Consultant


With over twenty years of experience in management training, coaching, and consulting, Ms. Flinspach has worked in a variety of industries, with particular expertise in manufacturing and service industries. She is skilled in high-impact leadership programs and team building processes, as well as assessment centers and individual assessments for selection and development.

Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. Flinspach served as an associate teacher for German studies at the University of Leeds in the UK, a marketing and client relations manager at ISD GmbH, and a freelance communication and cross-cultural trainer. She was also involved in a governmentally funded economical exchange project of coaching Eastern European managers before and during their one year stay in Germany. During her time as head of the HRD/OD program run by PDI Ninth House Germany, she coached many young professionals, moving more and more away from career consulting to behavior and performance coaching which is now her main focus. She also serves as an associate teacher for assessment center trainings at the University of Tübingen.

She is a member of the Alumni Network University of Tübingen and the WBB Network for HR Professionals. She also holds a certificate HRD and OD from WBB GmbH. She is a certified publisher and has worked in publishing, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

Ms. Flinspach earned a doctoral degree in English from the University of Tübingen. She is fluent in both German and English.